#1 ChatGPT Plugin for Video

Your video copilot

Analyze video content in real-time and gain high quality insights using ChatGPT



Get a distilled and highly accurate summary of any video in seconds without hitting play



Leverage the power of AI to analyze your video content and gain valuable insights by interacting with video transcripts directly



Generate highlights that will fit in a tweet, write a long form blog post, author a collection Q&A’s based on the video content

Simple Pricing



  • 10 video credits
  • Up to 45 min videos
  • Supports YouTube



  • 40 video credits
  • Up to 90 minute videos
  • Supports YouTube + Vimeo
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  • 90 video credits
  • Up to 120 minute videos
  • Supports YouTube + Vimeo
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Want access to an API , large volume usage or enterprise plan? Use the contact form below or reach out to enterprise@videoinsights.ai

Frequently asked questions

What is Video Insights?

Video Insights is a sophisticated real-time video content analysis platform. It can be accessed either via our VideoInsights.io ChatGPT plugin or directly through the API. For API access, please contact us.

How do I utilize the plugin?

Simply visit ChatGPT, navigate to the plugin store, and install the 'VideoInsights.io' plugin.

I subscribed to the Advanced or Professional plan but I am seeing errors about unavailable quota.

If you have an active subscription, please ensure that you log in to the plugin using the same email address associated with your subscription payment. This will ensure seamless access to all features and benefits.

If you need to change the email address that you logged in with to the plugin, you need to un- and then re-install the VideoInsights.io plugin. It will then prompt you for the login again.

If you require further assistance or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us directly through our contact form below.

Did we miss your question? Email contact@videoinsights.ai